About Us

Hello, my name is Rick Keith and I am the founder of Enterax Coaching.

A short time back, a young man came to my office to interview for an entry-level position in one of our manufacturing departments. The job holds a key position in the process and requires a solid technical skill-base to get in the door. His superior technical skills landed him the job.

Three weeks later, his lack of soft skills resulted in his dismissal. We all lost that day. The poor kid was devastated and I personally felt horrible for him. His school’s reputation for high-quality graduates was tarnished a little and the business lost several weeks in a key position and had to start over from square one.

What is really tragic is that, although he suffered the consequences, I do not believe that the issue was the fault of the young man himself. This is OUR fault as a society of educators, professionals, industries, and yes, parents.

At Enterax Coaching, we have a passion for working with our rising work force candidates to help them fill in the gaps on workplace readiness.

Our coaching tools include webinars, on-site seminars, and one on one coaching via online tools.

We count on our corporate sponsors to help make this as affordable to our students as possible.

I would appreciate a chance to provide you more details.  If you would, please subscribe below and l will get back in touch ASAP.