Corporate Sponsor Program

A 2012 survey conducted by North Carolina Business Service Representatives, representing the  Workforce Development Boards of North Carolina, surveyed 1,152 employers. They found that soft  skills, such as communication and interpersonal skills, represent a primary gap in workplace soft skills.  Critical and analytical thinking and problem solving were also frequently indicated as lacking. Businesses  indicated that improved soft skills/personal effectiveness training would be of the most value in the  future, with occupational skills training (hard skills) coming behind.

Why the Disconnect?  While research has for many years demonstrated the undeniable link between academic success and  emotional intelligence, it is still not understood in our schools, both public and private.   Only recently have our schools begun to address social/emotional learning in our middle and high  schools.  Unfortunately it is in the context of behavioral intervention, and not academic improvement. If  emotional intelligence is not understood and taught in our schools, then soft skills will also suffer.

Our goal at Enterax is to bridge that gap and, through our partnership with The Conover Company, provide industry-proven educational webinars, instruction, and coaching to help our students become fully ready for the workplace.  

However, the great irony is that most students are not in the financial position to take advantage of these resources.  That is where our corporate sponsors come in.  Their contribution paves the way for more students to improve their soft skills and present themselves in the most effective way.  Further, our sponsors are featured on our website's front page with a direct link to their career site.  Further, our online activities all include a "shout out" to our sponsors so that our students see your company as a place that supports their growth!

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